Neuhaus Belgian Chocolate: rich tradition, new location

Brussels. 1857. Jean Neuhaus was a young apothecary who opened his first shop in the prestigious Queen’s Gallery near the Grand Place. He began covering medicines in chocolate to make them easier to swallow. After gaining recognition for his sweets, this real life Miracle Max (Princess Bride, anyone?) then shifted his business to focus solely on chocolate.

The 1958 World Exhibition in Brussels marked a transformation in the chocolate industry when Neuhaus premiered his new creations: pralines. His two flavors, coined Caprice and Tentation after a famous french quote,  were an instant success. The crisp chocolate, crunchy nougatine and rich smooth cream together in one piece revolutionized the way people experienced chocolate.

Now, Neuhaus is a globally renowned chocolate tradition known for exclusive chocolates and beautiful packaging.

A brand new location just recently opened on the second floor of Fulton Center station (just beneath Shake Shack) in downtown Manhattan.

The chocolates range from $1.75-$3.00 per piece although they do not give free samples, the staff are quick and eager to point out their favorites.

I tried the Staff Pick, which was called Seduction. A noug30862938815_7b23bc3739_oatine praline filled with raspberry fresh cream.

While I usually like the chocolate and raspberry combination, this was my first time trying a Neuhaus praline and I wasn’t a fan of the combination of textures  Next time I think I’ll try the classic truffle.

The shop is great. Convenient location and the staff are marvelous.

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