Three Best Chocolatiers in the Financial District

The Financial District, or “FiDi” to Lower Manhattanites, is more known for its Stock Exchange than its sweets. However, even Wall Street bros need a break from brokering or a special apology dessert to bring home as they’re running late (again). These three gourmet chocolatiers are ideal options to satisfy that treat-yourself or gift-giving impulse on your way home.

1. Leonidas


This little shop is a hidden gem. Friendly staff and delicious chocolates imported from Belgium make this place an instant favorite. And at $1.50 a piece, these little

pieces of heaven won’t break the bank. Grab a coffee from their espresso bar in the back and get a free chocolate!

3 Hanover Square, NY, NY 10004

Hours: Weekdays 7am-6pm

Read about my love for this place here.

2. Neuhaus

30746482162_8d77fa69cd_o (2).jpg

Conveniently located in the new Fulton Center (just below Shake Shack! Even better!), this Brussels based chocolate company offers a wide selection of chocolate options. Try it out next time you’re hungry for dessert after scarfing down a Shackburger.

Check out some of its cool history here.

200 Broadway NY, NY 10038

Hours: 9am-9pm Monday-Saturday; 11 am-7pm Sunday

3. La Maison du Chocolate

la maison du chocolat.jpg

This Paris-based chocolatier is located right on Wall Street. I’ve heard their prices match the money saturated locale though.  Worth it? We’ll see. (Be on the lookout for my review soon!)

Update: This place is magical. Read about it here.

63 Wall Street, NY, NY 10005

Hours: 9:30 am – 7 am

Whether you live, work or visit the FiDi, check out these local chocolate shops if you’re in the mood for a chocolate fix minus the travel.

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