La Maison du Chocolate: The Sorcery of Ganache


La Maison du Chocolate

63 Wall Street, New York, NY 10005

Hours: Sunday-Monday 10am-7pm

As I walk in at 10:05 am on a Friday morning, before I can even register the array chocolates sparkling under the glass cases, I am greeted with the enchanting scent of hot chocolate brewing.

Located down just Wall Street, at home alongside high end menswear shops, coffee img_6296
brewers, and trendy salad bars, La Maison du Chocolate is perfect for those Holly Golightly days, when you feel like pretending you have a personal driver to take you home to your swanky brownstone.

Behind the counter, Lila recommends the Quito Ganache, the chocolate that La Maison is known for and her personal favorite. The founder, Robert Linxe, was even nicknamed the “Sorcerer of Ganache” after his silky creations. After tasting the magic myself, I can say his wizard title is well earned.img_6298

The shop itself is as luxurious as the chocolates it houses.
Warm lighting, sparkling cases, and an almost reverent atmosphere is reminiscent of a museum or gallery. A couple of tables line the back corner, where customers can order coffee, tea or gourmet hot chocolate to complement their enchanted sweets. In the opposite corner, a small refrigerator tempts visitors with pastries, and macrons beckon from their place beside the cash register.

Each chocolate piece costs $1.60, while gift boxes range from $8.50 to $400.

Next time you’re in the mood to taste some magic or have your own Breakfast at Tiffany’s moment, strut in to this ritzy chocolatier and indulge your Parisian dreams without breaking the bank.

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