LA Burdick: A True New Yorker’s Chocolate

I made my way down the SoHo blocks, dodging rivulets of water and making mental notes
of cute cafes and cozy coffee shops to visit next time. The vertical “CHOCOLATE” sign that marks the LA Burdick storefront beckoned me to hurry my steps.

img_6335Inside is warm and inviting, a stark contrast to the gloomy sky. The few tables that occupy the window corner of the
store are ideal for a casual business meeting or catching up with an old friend.

Gift basket compilations line the right hand shelves while the left wall displays their gourmet chocolate bars. Straight ahead, chocolate penguins, mice, truffles and pralines gleam beneath the glass case.

A Short History: 

LA Burdick was founded by native New Yorker, Larry Burdick, in 1987 when he returned from his travels abroad where he fell in love with the chocolate delicacies of France and Switzerland.  Burdick dedicated his life to perfecting his confections and spent over 5 years training in Paris and Bern before founding his own chocolate shop in NYC.

What they’re famous for: 

Chocolate mice! That’s right. You heard me. Chocolate mice. And penguins. Not only are
these little creations absolutely adorable, but they’re delicious as well. Apparently when Mr. Burdick worked at a chocolatier in Bern, at the end of the day they used to make little mice out of the leftover chocolate for the neighborhood children. Mr. Burdick loved it so much, he brought the tradition to the US. Now, these mice are anything but leftover chocolate, in fact they  are “handcrafted through twelve steps in two days.”

Staff pick: 

Baton Framboise. Dark chocolate and raspberries cut in thin batons. Sprinkled wth chopped cocoa nibs.

Each chocolate costs $1.60-$3.70. (chocolate penguins and mimg_6334ice cost a bit more than the bonbons.)

I tried the Baton Framboise and a chocolate penguin. I personally preferred the Baton Framboise, but I think next time I’ll be sure to pick up a mouse to try.

They also have a coffee bar, with coffee, tea and (of course) gourmet hot chocolate. Each are served in very Instagram-worthy cups.

Next time you’re in SoHo, don’t leave before visiting LA Burdick: truly a New York treasure.

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