Teuscher Chocolatier: December Destination Decadence

Teuscher Chocolatieryum_31338621546_o

620 Fifth Avenue,

New York 10020


Monday – Saturday: 10am – 6pm
Sunday: 11am- 6pm

Happy December! Although the weather is still a bit confused about what season we’re in, New York retailers certainly are not. As soon as Santa ‘s sleigh glides down 34th St, marking the end of Macy’s Thanksgiving parade, stores all across the city break out their Christmas decorations and deals. Everyone participates in the holiday season, whether it be with just a Hannukah blue ribbon in the window, or full out red and green glitzing of every possible surface.

Teuscher Chocolatier on Fifth Avenue (in between 49th and 50th St.) is of the latter Christmas philosophy. Granted, when they’re located in the Chanel Gardens at Rockefeller Center, within sight of the famous Rockefeller Christmas Tree, they’re pretty much yum_31338622836_oobligated to heighten New York holiday spirit.

The boulevard is buzzing with tourists snapping selfies with the tree in the background, wonder struck at the Christmas magic in the air. Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas is You” blasts from a speaker as Salvation Army donation bucket bell ringers vye for visitors loose change. Window displays proudly flaunt their Christmas wares. Teuscher Chocolatier’s bold gold lettering draws in hungry tourists caught up in the Christmas spirit willing to splurge on gourmet Swiss chocolate.

yum_31338623166_oInside looks like what I imagine the inside of Santa’s red bag to look like. The small shop dazzles with garlands and over sized ornaments hanging from the ceiling and wreaths, mini trees, gift boxes and red and green wrapped chocolate bars cover ever surface. Crowded with holiday tourists, I meander my way to the chocolate display and find myself in the haphazard line of people waiting to pay for their treats. A little girl behind me squeals “Look! Look Mom!” when she discovers an owl-shaped chocolate behind the glass.

The employees look a bit frazzled (but happy) as they do their best to accommodate the rush of people.

“What do you recommend?” I ask, when the woman inquires as to which chocolate I want.  “The Champagne Truffle!” she replies with a smile. “Dark chocolate or classic?” “Oh definitely classic.” Teuscher Chocolatier is world famous for their Champagne Truffles, so I nodded and she tucked my treat in a small plastic baggie. “That’ll be $4.27,” she said, ringing up my order. I made my way out through the jumble of people and savored my truffle in sight of the most iconic Christmas tree in the world.yum_31230997232_o

Suffice to say, Teuscher Chocolate is intended for tourists with credit cards and locals with padded bank accounts and personal drivers. While the chocolate is delicious (although after two Champagne truffles in a row this week, I’ve decided I prefer regular truffles instead), I do find it hard to justify paying almost $5 for two bites worth of deliciousness.

However, if you find yourself in need of a little Christmas joy, Rockefeller Christmas and Swiss chocolate will always do the trick.

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